Why Martial Arts are Important for You

10 Reasons Why Martial Arts are Important for You

Martial arts are beneficial for health. They can build your reflexes, agility, and strength. Practicing martial arts will improve your physical and mental capabilities. You will feel an increase in your self-confidence and focus.

We will discuss the 10 reasons you should start training in martial arts.

1- Self Defense

The ability to defend oneself is a crucial skill every child, woman, and man should learn. The world is not always safe, and you could be put into any situation. Violence is a reality, and the key to deterring any threat to you or your family’s survival lies in learning how to fight.

Most people start training in Mixed Martial Arts to protect themselves and their loved ones. If you are well versed in self-defense, then it is easy to endure any physical altercation. This crucial skill can empower you in the most challenging situations: bullying, harassment, or physical violence.

The training you will get in Mixed Martial Arts can very well be why you will survive a potential threat. One of the greatest sports commentators alive, Joe Rogan, explains his reasons for how he was bullied, which led him to train in Martial Arts.

2- Self Confidence

If you cannot stand up for yourself. If you feel inadequate in your physical prowess. If you need a boost in your self-esteem. Then there is no better way to do that than to learn martial arts. Fear of physical altercation and lack of knowledge can attribute to poor self-confidence.

Martial arts training will empower you with the tools to stand up for yourself, not only in physical situations but in mental and emotional situations too. Martial arts instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in a person. As you progress in your journey, you can easily take on challenging situations.

3- Health and Wellbeing

It is well-known that physically active people are less prone to sickness and injury. Martial arts can help you overcome the stress of life and calm your senses. Consistent training will condition your body and your mind to face challenging situations and overcome them.

The 21st century has introduced working from 9-5, sitting on chairs, eating unhealthy food, and staying inactive. To avoid being out of shape, to avoid diseases like heart problems, diabetes, and cholesterol. Every individual must inculcate martial arts training into their life. So, they can have a disciplined regimen they can apply to their lives.

4- Community Building

When you join a gym, there is no sense of community building or time for friendships. But on the contrary, when you join a martial arts academy can give you lifelong friends and a deep sense of community. People come together and share their passions.

No matter the gender or age, people from all walks of life can come and learn from each other. There is always a sense of competition and comradery in a martial arts academy. There is learning, and then there is teaching; the whole experience can be very rewarding.

5- Character Building

You learn to respect, discipline, and cooperation in a martial arts academy. Training is hard at times, but it instills humility in an individual. You learn to respect your seniors and anyone who trains with you. Academies have rituals where they teach you to bow, give handshakes and help one another as a show of mutual respect.

This environment gives everyone a great lesson on how to excel and persevere together. Brutal training sessions and a tough regimen will teach you the discipline you need to be successful in your life. Minor improvements in each area will translate to other parts of your life to make you resilient and disciplined.

6- Increased Focus

The mind is like a muscle that needs to be trained regularly. You use it, or you lose it. Regularly practicing martial arts can make you sharp and on point. The physically strenuous situations during practice will broaden your mind and force you to focus.

A sport like Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Boxing will allow you to build up your physical strength and a substantial amount of mental acuity. The simple act of being mindful can increase your attention span and alertness levels. This skill will improve your school life, your work life, and your relationships.

7- Better Coordination

Martial arts help people to become more mindful. Skills like punching, kicking, and jumping will increase coordination and spatial awareness. You will realize the different patterns of your system, how you move, and your body functions.

To perform, strike and defend. Your mind and body would have to be in coordination. Not only that but your senses will also be used to coordinate a maneuver. Regular practice can increase balance and hand-to-eye coordination. In no time, you will see improvements in all parts of your body.

8- Stress Management

Stress is a reality of life. Chronic stress spanned over a long period can have debilitating effects on one’s health. We have all tried to use other things as a crutch to manage stress, but physical exertion is the only natural way to mediate stress.

Martial arts can have a positive effect on reducing stress. Pent-up energy can be reduced via strenuous physical exertion. According to Harvard Medical School, aerobic exercise (like martial arts) can help release endorphins into your system.

Another chemical called BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) is released when you do high-intensity workouts. This particular chemical is the key to keeping a healthy brain. Both of these hormones give a sense of relaxation and well-being. Regularly training in martial arts or any form of aerobic exercise will keep you away from diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

9- Personal Growth

As you grow in your martial arts training, you will simultaneously grow in other parts of your life. The demanding routine takes people out of their comfort zones and expands their horizons. Martial arts can help you take criticism and failure with honor.

You will be able to self-evaluate your shortcomings and improve on them critically. These skills are necessary to grow as a person. The hard work and dedication will give you a growth mindset towards life which is necessary to take on any endeavor.

10- Goal Orientation

Whether you start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA. Every sport has a ranking system that takes years to achieve. Any skill worth learning will be tough and demand your time. You will have to commit and work towards achieving your belt or rank.

A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete takes at least a decade to achieve their black belt. This is a long-term investment, and long-term thinking is key to success. Martial Arts can orient your brain from short-term impulsive thinking to long-term goal strategizing.

This is going to be an enriching journey that will instill the values of patience, courage, and perseverance in you.


Now that you have learned why you should start training in Mixed Martial Arts. Go out and give it a try. Do not be hesitant to challenge yourself and commit to new things because the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

With these tools in your arsenal, you can achieve any goal you set out to achieve, make new friends, build a stronger character and live a healthier lifestyle.

10 Reasons Why Martial Arts are Important for You

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