Why are Muay Thai Shorts so Short

Why are Muay Thai Shorts so Short?

Some people are put off by the brevity of Muay Thai shorts and avoid purchasing them for that reason.

However, there’s a good reason these athletic shorts are so brief, and they have nothing to do with fashion.

One of the lesser reasons they tend to be short is so that airflow can be maintained during the heat of competition.

More extended gear might cause a competitor to get overheated, leading to decreased performance in the later rounds of a match.

For beginners just starting their journey in Muay Thai, it’s essential to grasp the practical aspects of short shorts and the broader spectrum of gear essentials. Discover more about choosing the right gear for beginners in our detailed guide on Choosing the Right Muay Thai Gear for Beginners.

Why Muay Thai shorts are short

There are two main reasons why Muay Thai shorts are so short, the first being that it is a long-standing tradition that goes back to ancient times. The second and more practical reason is that a big part of Muay Thai involves crushing kicks with the feet and the knees. That means your legs have to be unrestricted to move about without hindrance. Wearing longer shorts might seriously inhibit your ability to deliver the leg and foot blows you need during training or competition.

Why you should wear Muay Thai shorts

Sports like kickboxing and MMA require wearing shorts, but those are not like Muay Thai shorts. Muay Thai is a combat sport and one martial art requiring maximum freedom of movement during training or competition. The short shorts used in Muay Thai have been specifically designed for the sport because they provide maximum airflow.

This aids significantly in the cooling-off process, which is particularly important in Thailand, which tends to be very hot much of the time. Because Muay Thai is such a strenuous sport, it can be essential to stay prepared to fight your best.

Muay Thai shorts are also different from other shorts used in sporting activities because of the materials they’re made from.

Designs for Muay Thai shorts always include fabrics that are cool and comfortable. For instance, polyester, satin, cotton blend, and nylon are excellent.

The most popular Muay Thai shorts are generally made from satin fabric, even though they are also the most expensive type of shorts used in the sport.

Best manufacturers of Muay Thai shorts

So, how can you purchase your own set of Muay Thai shorts? You should own at least one pair if you plan to practice Muay Thai at any time. It will signify that you take it seriously and are committed to becoming adept at it.

Having your pair of shorts that fit your personality will also make a statement about who you are and why you are involved in the sport.

Some of the best manufacturers of Muay Thai shorts include Gold BJJ, Namazu, Yokkao, Fluory, Anthem Athletics, and Siamkick. Choosing any one of these will be a great benefit to you:

How to select the fitting Muay Thai shorts

When you’re ready to purchase your own Muay Thai shorts, there are a few key things you should be looking for.

First of all, you’ll need them to be made of a material that is very comfortable for you and which allows for maximum freedom of movement for your legs.

You don’t want to be restricted when attempting to throw foot or knee kicks at your opponent. That means you’ll need very flexible shorts that stretch whenever it becomes necessary to deliver a blow.

Here are some of the main factors to consider when purchasing:

Material – nylon shorts are thicker and more durable and dry up quickly. However, they can soon become sweat-drenched, and some nylon shorts are made of cheaper material. Shorts made of satin are the premium choice for materials because they’re lighter, durable, and very comfortable. Polyester shorts are also comfortable, but be careful when purchasing because many of these are intended for kickboxers or MMA combatants.

The right fit – make sure to get the perfect fit for your body type when you’re in a store browsing. If you buy online, you may not be able to get precisely the right fit, or you may end up returning a pair of shorts that don’t fit perfectly. Remember that sizes vary across Europe, Thailand, and North America, so beware of buying something that fits poorly.

Different styles – to be sure you’re buying Muay Thai shorts, make sure they are very short since these are the type designed specifically for the sport. The upper part of your legs should be exposed, which is different from MMA or kickboxing shorts.

Tailored shorts – these will add considerably to the price tag of the shorts you buy, but if you want to have custom patches added to your Muay Thai shorts, you’ll be able to find an artist who can do that for you.

Armed with this information, you should be able to find just the right pair of Muay Thai shorts for your training and competition needs.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is unique about Muay Thai shorts?

A: They are shorter to allow for more airflow and flexibility when delivering kick moves. They are also designed to help cool off a combatant more quickly.

Q: What is the best material for Muay Thai shorts?

A: The best material for Muay Thai shorts is satin because it’s very lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

Q: Where is the best place to buy Muay Thai shorts?

A: These shorts are available online, but you risk getting an inexact fit. Therefore, purchasing your shorts from a local gym might be best if they sell them.

Q: Is it necessary to buy Muay Thai shorts before training?

A: While it is not mandatory, it will certainly enhance your performance, and you’ll show your commitment to the sport by wearing Muay Thai shorts.

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