Author: James Caden

Why are Muay Thai Fighters Skinny

Why are Muay Thai Fighters Skinny?

If you’ve had the chance to observe Muay Thai fighters in action, you’ve probably noticed that they all tend to be extremely slim and well-muscled. This is an intentional achievement because all combatants understand that it is necessary to maintain a slender physique to maximize their performance. Any novice just […]

How Long Does it Take to Learn Muay Thai

How Long Does it Take to Learn Muay Thai?

There’s a great deal involved with learning the ancient art of Muay Thai, so it makes sense that it would take quite a while to learn the sport and how to practice it with any degree of mastery. Some fundamentals that must be learned include the proper stance, how to […]

Why are Muay Thai Shorts so Short

Why are Muay Thai Shorts so Short?

Some people are put off by the brevity of Muay Thai shorts and avoid purchasing them for that reason. However, there’s a good reason these athletic shorts are so brief, and they have nothing to do with fashion. One of the lesser reasons they tend to be short is so […]

why do muay thai fighters wear ankle supports

Why do Muay Thai Fighters Wear Ankle Supports?

Muay Thai translates to ‘Thai Boxing,’ Thailand’s national sport. The sport is not limited to Thailand, however, and has become popular around the entire world. It is one of the martial arts, and it has a long history that dates back to the thirteenth century. At that time, it was […]