Author: Armando Osorio

Muay Thai vs Muay Boran

Muay Thai vs Muay Boran: 12 Main Differences

The historical vs. the modern-day fighting arts is what we are comparing. Muay Thai or the pos 1930’s westernized version compared to the traditional form of combat initially employed by the Thai people. Here is a video guide: Muay Boran vs Muay Thai techniques Old and New Muay Thai vs. […]

Muay Thai vs MMA

Muay Thai vs MMA [Old Tiger vs Young Lion]

You finally decided you want to learn a life skill and decided you want to learn martial arts. But, what’s best? A traditional style like Muay Thai or a modern interpretation like Mixed Martial Arts?  Which is best for self-defense or sports training? Muay Thai vs MMA Muay Thai takes […]